CAS 22350-41-0 | 5,6-trans-Cholecalciferol

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CAS #: 22350-41-0
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Molecular Formula:C27H44O

What is 5,6-trans-Cholecalciferol (CAS 22350-41-0)?

5,6-trans-Cholecalciferol (CAS 22350-41-0), also known as 5,6-trans-vitamin D3, is a form of Vitamin D that plays a crucial role in human health, particularly in bone health, immune function, and cellular growth.

This compound is a human metabolite, which means it is produced during metabolic reactions in humans. It is categorized as a fat-soluble vitamin, implying that it dissolves in fats and is stored in body tissues for long periods. Unlike water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins can pose a greater risk for toxicity when consumed in excess.

The structural formula of 5,6-trans-vitamin D3 is C27H44O, indicating it is a hydroxy seco-steroid, part of the D3 vitamin class, and functions as a secondary alcohol.

Its synthesis and metabolism have been studied to understand its biological activities and potential therapeutic uses. For instance, metabolism studies in animals like chicks and rats have investigated the biologically active analogues of cholecalciferol, such as dihydrotachysterol and 5,6-trans-cholecalciferol, to understand their active forms and effects.

What are the uses and benefits of 5,6 trans-cholecalciferol (CAS 22350-41-0)?

Understanding the metabolism and functions of vitamin D analogues like 5,6-trans-Cholecalciferol can be critical for developing treatments for conditions related to vitamin D deficiency or metabolism.

These conditions include bone disorders like osteoporosis, certain types of cancer, immune system disorders, and chronic diseases where vitamin D's role in cellular growth and immune function may offer therapeutic benefits.

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