CAS 81065-76-1 | EUK-134 | Manganese (salen-3,3'-dimethoxy)chloride

Purity: >95%
Catalogue #: DC-001307
CAS #: 81065-76-1
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Molecular Formula:C18H18ClMnN2O4

What is EUK 134 (CAS 81065-76-1)?

EUK 134, known by its chemical name Ethylbisiminomethylguaiacol Manganese Chloride, is a synthetic molecule with potent antioxidant properties.

It mimics the action of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, effectively dismutating the superoxide anion (O2-) and scavenging peroxide (H2O2).

The structural formula of 5,6-trans-vitamin D3 is C27H44O, indicating it is a hydroxy seco-steroid, part of the D3 vitamin class, and functions as a secondary alcohol.

This action is similar to that of SOD and catalase, making it a comprehensive antioxidant system that can be used as an active ingredient in cosmetic products.

What are the benefits of EUK 134 (CAS 81065-76-1)?

The benefits of EUK 134 are mainly centered around its ability to protect the skin from oxidative stress and damage, particularly from UV rays. When applied before exposure to UVA and UVB rays, EUK 134 can reduce the levels of lipid peroxides in the skin, which are markers of oxidative stress. This reduction in oxidative damage leads to decreased skin redness and pigmentation caused by sun exposure.

Additionally, EUK 134 has been found to preserve collagen in the skin, which is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. It may also stimulate collagen production and exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, further contributing to its anti-aging effects.

EUK-134 has been found to have mitoprotective properties, stimulating fatty acid oxidation and preventing hypertrophy in specific cell models like H9C2 cells.

This indicates its potential role in supporting mitochondrial function and protecting against cellular enlargement or hypertrophy, which can be a response to stress or damage in cells.

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